About this Blog

This is the Blog of Live Project 11 - Shelter Library, a live project undertaken during autumn 2008 by MArch Students from Sheffield School of Architecture.

Shelter Library is the key information resource for the humanitarian shelter sector. Shelter Centre the client for this Live Project are an International NGO based in Geneva. They work to support communities impacted by conflicts and natural disasters by serving collaboration and consensus in the humanitarian shelter sector.

Our project wrapped in late November 2008 the work of shelter centre continues however as does the Live Project Programme at SSoA, for further information please follow the links.

We hope you enjoy, play safe now

18 Oct 2008

Live Project Report

The following report was prepared and issued to Shelter Centre for confirmation re. the objectives of the brief and to develop a better understanding of how we might best be able to respond to the brief in terms of establishing longevity to the Shelter Library project.

14 Oct 2008

Last Thursday's meeting - what the client requires vs/and/or what we will provide

These are some of the notes that were made during the meeting. Shelter Centre's new website was launched [ http://www.sheltercentre.org/library ] last week and gave us the opportunity to analyse the 'pros' and 'cons' of the new online library service. More on these to come...

12 Oct 2008

Calling Geneva!

Been looking and trains from Geneva to Venice are actually cheaper when you get them through the Swiss train people..... http://www.sbb.ch/en/index.htm We can get them when we get to Geneva.